Israel, Covid-19, and the Middle East: An Interview with Ofer Zalzberg

Director of the IIP Stephanie Fenkart spoke with Ofer Zalzberg of the Crisis Group’s Arab-Israel Project on the direct health consequences of the covid-19 pandemic for Israeli and Palestinian societies, the current and potential impacts of the new measures on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the formation of a new government between Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party […]

In Memoriam, Rose Kelman

In Memoriam, Rose Kelman

with you news of the passing of Rose Kelman. She passed away peacefully on April 15, 2020 at the age of 94. She is survived by her beloved husband, Herbert Kelman.

ICG report on The Regional Stakes of Soured Israeli-Jordanian Relations

A timely report from ICG analyst and Kelman Institute affiliate Ofer Zalzberg. The quarter-century mark of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty has passed with little fanfare, as key constituencies in both countries question its core premises. The Trump administration’s policies and peace plan sharpen doubts. Reviving the 1994 deal’s spirit is important for Israel, Jordan and […]

New Book on Trans-border Tourism and Peace in the Alps-Adria Region

In their new book, Werner Wintersteiner (Board member of the Kelman Institute) and Cordula Wohlmuther, highlight the role of tourism for a culture of peace in the border region of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Focussing on three “paths of peace” along former front lines of World War I, the authors stimulate the debate on war and peace in […]

Nonformal Dialogues in National Peacemaking

The United State Institute of Peace has just published a major report by Derek Brown. Derek Brown is Co-Director of the Peace Appeal Foundation. The report, entitled “Nonformal Dialogues in National Peacemaking: Complementary Approaches” can be accessed online here.

Experiments towards European Peace

At the International Summer Academy in Schlaining, participants and speakers discussed various challenges to European Peace, be they ecological, economic, political or psychological. How can we deal with such challenges? One conclusion from the conference was: neither through reform nor through revolts, but through localized experiments that bring to life concrete utopias such as “a good life for […]

Sanctity in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In his interview with Israeli TV Channel 10, ICG Analyst Ofer Zalzberg calls for an inclusion of  religious leaders in – what he terms – political conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “We have to find another way to address sanctity in the conflict and accept it that there are large publics on both sides that attribute deep sanctity […]

International Summer Academy on European Peace Perspectives in Schlaining / Austria

Faced with worldwide upheavals and turmoil, where does Europe stand in terms of peace politics?  What could, or maybe should, a European perspective on peace look like? These are the leading questions behind this year’s International Summer Academy, taking place from July 9 to 14 at the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Schlaining. Together with […]

“Holding on to the Possibility of Israeli-Palestinian Peace: Tips From a Conflict Resolution Expert”

Haaretz interview with Herbert Kelman, by Amir Tibon (Washington) Mar 27, 2017 12:47 PM Herbert Kelman has been bringing together Israelis and Palestinians for decades in hope of finding and compromise. ‘I’ve never believed any of this is easy, but you’ve got to keep a sense of possibility, otherwise what’s the use of trying.’

A Successful Conclusion to the Third Conference on Intractable Conflicts at Harvard University

A Successful Conclusion to the Third Conference on Intractable Conflicts at Harvard University

After months of intense preparations and two and a half days of inspired and inspiring presentations and discussions, the  conference on the “Transformation of Intractable Conflicts III – Perspectives and Challenges for Interactive Problem Solving” drew to a close at Harvard University! Many memorable moments will be remembered: Be it the dignified presentation of the National Order of Merit of […]

Welcome Message from FW de Klerk to Open the March 2017 Conference on Intractable Conflicts III at Harvard University

Frederik Willem de Klerk, Former State President of South Africa, contributed a welcome message to the opening of the Conference on the Transformation of Intractable Conflicts: Perspectives and Challenges for Interactive Problem Solving III at Harvard University! The video address provides insights based on de Klerk’s valuable experience in South Africa and strongly praises Professor Kelman’s contributions to peace […]

Seek Peace and Pursue It – Press Release (German)

A press release has been issued (in German) on the occasion of the presentation of the Grand Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria to Herbert C. Kelman.

Award Ceremony for Herbert C. Kelman – National Order of Merit of Austria

On March 16th, 2017, Professor Herbert C. Kelman will be presented with the Grand Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria by the Consul General of Austria, Dr. Georg Heindl. The prize recognizes Kelman’s pioneering role in contemporary peace research and his extraordinary intellectual achievements. After the award ceremony, participants of the Conference […]

Amb. Petritsch at a Panel Discussion on Nuclear Disarmament

On February 2, ICAN Austria (together with the Austrian Red Cross and the Diplomatic Academy Vienna) hosted a panel discussion entitled “Towards Banning Nuclear Weapons in 2017: Changing the Game in Nuclear Disarmament.” Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch and other experts discussed upcoming negotiations towards a ban of nuclear weapons. Read more here:

Radio Broadcast on Peace Research in Austria

This excellently researched radio broadcast on peace research in Austria is well worth listening to! Don’t miss HKI founders Wilfried Graf and Gudrun Kramer, as well as Werner Wintersteiner from the Center of Peace Research and Peace Education at the University of Klagenfurt, as they talk about the excitement and prospects of peace research. The broadcast can be accessed for free until […]

Newsletter #1/2016

Our first newsletter was sent out yesterday, November 3rd, 2016. You might read it online here, or open the attached file!

Volume by Herbert C. Kelman newly published with Routledge!

“Resolving Deep-Rooted Conflicts. Essays on the Theory and Practice of Interactive Problem-Solving”, by Herbert C. Kelman, edited by Werner Wintersteiner and Wilfried Graf (2017: Routledge). This book is a collection of articles and essays by Professor Herbert C. Kelman, a leading figure in the conflict resolution community and one of the most influential peace researchers. Focusing […]

Der Standard, 05.08.16: No Apocalypse Yet- Against a Premature Pessimism

In his article in the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”, board member Gunther Neumann warns against giving in to widespread pessimism about politics and the state of the world. Conflicts were always part of society; rather than to mourn them, the aim should be to deal with conflicts. Read Neumann’s call for more participatory democracy online (German only!).

Interview with board member Prof. Birckenbach

Interviewed about the conflict in the Middle East by the German Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement, Prof. Hanne-Margret Birckenbach (board member of the HKI) stated that alternative approaches to resolving the conflict in the Middle East were dearly needed. Amongst others, she proposed that mediation and support for dialogue projects should be stepped up by donors. Referring to the migratory […]

Article by affiliate Ursula Baatz

In her article, Ursula Baatz convincingly shows how buddhistic ethics can contribute to building and promoting peace on a societal level. Read her full article in the newspaper Polylog (Polylog 35, 2015) here (German only!).

die Presse: Perspektiven für Versöhnung in der Ukraine 12.04.2016

Perspektiven für Versöhnung in der Ukraine “Die Presse”, Print-Ausgabe, 12.04.2016 Je länger die Kampfhandlungen andauern, desto schwieriger wird es werden, zu Stabilität, wirtschaftlicher Entwicklung, Sicherheit und Frieden zu kommen: Höchste Zeit für Dialogprojekte über Grenzen hinweg.

Interview mit Herbert C. Kelman (September 2015)

Interview mit Herbert C. Kelman (September 2015)

Ein Gespräch mit Peter Mlzcoch über seine Flucht aus Wien:      

MK Hilik Bar’s comments at the Harvard Middle-East Seminar co-organized with the Kelman Institute

The Kelman Institute’s second conference on The Transformation of Intractable Conflicts: Perspectives and Challenges for Interactive Problem Solving took place at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, from September 17-19, 2015. The opening session, implemented in cooperation with the Harvard Middle-East Seminar, focused on the topic of New Visions and Strategies for an Israeli-Palestinian Peace. […]

Seminar “Key Elements for Successful Transitions” with Roelf Meyer; 9 October 2015

Key Elements for Successful Transitions with Roelf Meyer UN peace negotiator, Architect of the South African transition from apartheid Friday, 9 October 2015, 9.30 h – 12.30 h Diplomatic Academy, Favoritenstr. 15a, 1040 Wien (Musikzimmer) For more information see the Programme Morning Seminar Roelf.